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Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei
Rua Sétimo Moreira Martins, 188 - Bairro Itapoã
Sete Lagoas (MG)

Hyptidendron pulcherrimum Antar & Harley, sp. nov. (Hyptidinae, Lamiaceae), a new narrowly endemic species from Minas Gerais, Brazil

14-07-2021 13:35

Autores: Guilherme Medeiros Antar, Raymond Mervyn Harley, José Floriano Barêa Pastore, Paulo Minatel Gonella, Paulo Takeo Sano.

Resumo: Hyptidendron Harley, one of the 19 genera recognized for the subtribe Hyptidinae, has some of its species with a narrow campos rupestres (a Brazilian vegetational formation) distribution, often restricted to a single mountain range. We report a new species, Hyptidendron pulcherrimum Antar & Harley, sp. nov., endemic to a single mountain in the Serra do Padre Ângelo, a disjunct area of campos rupestres from where some new angiosperm species have been recently described. The new species is unique due to the morphological combination of flowers arranged in dichasial cymes, indumentum composed of curved, rigid, broad-based hairs, leaves petiolate, glabrescent and bullate, corolla tomentose, with the tube curved, 7.5-10 mm long and one slightly winged nutlet per fruiting calyx. The new species is compared with Hyptidendron vauthieri (Briq.) Harley the most similar species morphologically. We also provide a complete description, diagnosis, illustration, distribution map with the new species and closely related species, a photograph plate, and a preliminary conservation status assessment.

Para ler mais: https://bioone.org/journals/adansonia/volume-43/issue-1/adansonia2021v43a1/Hyptidendron-pulcherrimum-Antar--Harley-sp-nov-Hyptidinae-Lamiaceae-a/10.5252/adansonia2021v43a1.short