O PET Agronomia é um dos 842 grupos do Programa de Educação Tutorial (PET) do Governo Federal. O grupo é formado por estudantes de Engenharia Agronômica da Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei - Campus Sete Lagoas e tutorado por um docente do Curso.

Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei
Rua Sétimo Moreira Martins, 188 - Bairro Itapoã
Sete Lagoas (MG)


17-11-2021 18:27


  • T. S. Lopes, J. S. Dias, V. R. B. Santos, C. P. O. F. Melo, A. G. Souza, E. M. Garcia, H. A. Taroco, J. O. F. Melo


The Cerrado biome, predominant in the region of Sete Lagoas is marked by fruit species of the local flora, such as: Araticum, Cagaita, Jatobá, Mangaba, Pequi, among others that are not always known by the community. Environmental education is an important tool for awareness and preservation of the local biome. The extension program aims to bring the community knowledge of the biome and the typical fruit species of the region that are not known and recognized. Inducing a new look and expanding knowledge among students in order to highlight the biome and its characteristics in a playful and didactic way. The program was successful in interventions and achieved satisfactory results in relation to students' perception of classroom work, extolling the biome in which they live, generating new multipliers. The work done in an interdisciplinary way achieved an increase in the percentage of correct answers compared to the numbers obtained before the interventions. 

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